Community Support Program

CSP (Community Support Program) provides intensive case management services to clients with  psychiatric or substance abuse disorders who are considered to be at risk in the community. The services are geared toward clients who have a pattern of inpatient admissions or high utilization of ER . The services are designed to be highly flexible in supporting individuals who have difficulty accessing and sustaining involvement in needed services. CSP consists of a team of outreach staff who are community based, mobile and with linguistic capacity for multiple languages. These supportive services are directed towards adults and children and vary according to duration and intensity depending on the changing needs of the each individual. Services include:
  • Coordination of outpatient / medical care
  • Access to benefits/ entitlement programs
  • Linkage with community resources
  • Transportation assistance
  • Housing Resources
The service is available to clients with Mass Health whose behavioral health is managed by MBHP, Network, BMC, Beacon Health, NHP, Cenpatico, and Celticcare.
Community Support Program 617-388-1594
Community Support Program (fax) 617-884-5895
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