Child Outpatient Services

What is Child and Family Outpatient Therapy?

Child and Family Outpatient Therapy is treatment that helps reduce or eliminate emotional or behavioral difficulties impacting children, adolescents and their families. NSMHA treatment focuses on both individual and family, with sessions conducted in the clinic, school, home or community.

Clinic and School Based: North Suffolk provides clinic and school-based individual therapy for children and adolescents ages 3-18 years old. Parents or guardians are involved over the course of treatment in various ways in support of their adolescent and family’s progress. Outpatient therapy is best suited to individuals and families that may benefit from weekly or bi-weekly appointments in an office or school setting and who are not in acute crisis. Other Children’s Services include a Early Intervention services, and a Therapeutic After School Program for girls and boys ages 6-12.

North Suffolk provides community based services through The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative Services. This program gives access to, and ensures coordination of, care for youth with serious emotional or behavioral needs. Services provided include: Community Support Agency; Intensive Care Coordination and the CBHI remedy services In-Home Therapy and Therapeutic Mentoring.

North Suffolk also provides community based treatment that focuses on Substance Use Disorder, utilizing the Evidence Based Practice, Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) and Assertive Continuing Care (ACC) with sessions conducted in school, home and community.

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