Meridian House

Located in East Boston, the Fran Rowan Meridian House is a 30 bed, coed therapeutic community serving an adult population 18 and over. Meridian House is considered to be a High Intensity Residential Service. The program provides behavior modification treatment for individuals diagnosed with substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders. We provide medication assisted treatment for those individuals who meet the criteria and residents are treated for mental health disorders within NSMHA. This is a 24 hour a day program with 24 hour per day staffing.

The clinical structure at Meridian House includes 3 therapeutic clinical groups during weekday programming, on Saturdays programming has 1 clinical group and on Sunday’s residents identify a recreation activity to promote peer support and healthy lifestyle development. Residents attend a minimum of 2 self-help groups weekly. Our therapeutic groups cover a broad range of issues and therapeutic methods to assist in recovery including expressive-therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, conflict resolution and emotional processing groups. Meridian House utilizes a 5 tier level system which promotes growth by encouraging accountability, responsibility and recovery. Each resident is responsible for performing a daily job function which promotes daily living skills. At Level 3 residents are able to apply for jobs to support reintegration into the community. Length of time in the program varies as needed but averages 9-12 months. Residents can apply for graduation once at Level 3 according to completion of individualized treatment plan goals.

Meridian House
408 Meridian Street
East Boston, MA 02128
(617) 569-6050
Fax: (617) 568-1615