Recovery Support

The STEPRox Recovery Support Center’s mission is to provide a safe place for the recovery community, their family, friends and those interested in recovery to engage in activities beneficial to the community. Our goal is to make a direct contribution to our community by encouraging volunteerism and peer leadership opportunities.

For more information, or our full calendar of events, please visit our Facebook page.

STEPRox Recovery Support Center
9 Palmer Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
617-442-STEP (7837)

Recovery Coaching
North Suffolk’s recovery coaches and peer support specialists are grounded in peer-assisted recovery through his or her own life experience with substance use and/or other addictions, providing a level of expertise that clinical training cannot replicate. These individuals consult to a clinical team to promote a culture in which recoverees’ points of view and preferences are recognized, understood, respected and integrated into support, treatment, rehabilitation, and community based recovery-oriented systems of care. Our coaches and specialists help recoverees to identify needs while providing a recovery atmosphere and interfacing with collateral contacts, such as probation officers, therapists, and self-help sponsors.