Cambridge/Somerville Emergency Services

Cambridge Somerville Emergency Services Program provides a comprehensive, highly integrated system of crisis evaluation and treatment services to residents of Somerville and Cambridge in need of immediate crisis intervention for mental health and substance use concerns, we serve all ages and multi-cultural populations.

Mobile Crisis Intervention, known as MCI, is the youth-serving (under the age of 21) component of our program.  MCI provides a short-term service that is a mobile, onsite, face-to-face therapeutic response to a youth experiencing a behavioral health crisis.

MCI identifies the problems involved, assesses needs, and begins to treat and stabilize the situation, reducing immediate risk of danger to the youth or others.

MCI provides up to 72 hours of intervention and services.

The Urgent Care Center at 660 Broadway, Somerville, offers an option when an office-based evaluation is desired.  It also provides urgent psychopharmacology by appointment.  Please always contact the Call Center at 1-800-981-4357 prior to visiting the site.

The adult Community Crisis Stabilization program serves persons 18 years of age and older, providing short-term crisis intervention over a three- to five-day stay.  Staff-secured, safe, and structured, the CCS is a successful alternative or diversion to inpatient hospitalization.