Community Based Flexible Supports

The CBFS Program assists more than 600 adults diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness who have been referred by the Department of Mental Health and are in need of support for their recovery efforts. This program is based on the principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, person-centered planning and the belief   that recovery is possible. Persons served may live on their own or in North Suffolk owned   properties. Each person served works with a team of Support Specialists who help in the development of an Individualized Action Plan that addresses personal goals.

The program has staff specialists in the areas of Employment, Health and Wellness, Housing,   Substance Abuse and Peer Support to provide specialized assistance for people on their   recovery journeys. The CBFS specialty teams include Deaf Services and teams working with   Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian communities. The intensity and frequency of services are flexible to ensure that supports are available to meet everyone’s changing needs.