Job: Recovery Coach

Title Recovery Coach
Categories Chelsea, East Boston, Healthcare, Substance Abuse Services
Location Chelsea, MA/East Boston, MA
Job Information

The Recovery Coach supports clients through stages of change and recovery. Because of his/her life experience with substance use and/ or other addictions, the recovery coach provides expertise that clinical training cannot replicate. This is a person who is grounded in peer-assisted recovery.  Recovery coaches also provide essential expertise and consultation to the entire team to promote a culture in which recoverees’ points of view and preferences are recognized, understood, respected and integrated into support, treatment, rehabilitation, and community-based  recovery-oriented systems of care.

  • Assist the treatment team to develop an individual action plan or support the recoveree in developing a wellness plan.
  • Implement, teach, assist and/ or coach persons served with their individual action plan or recoverees who have developed their own wellness plan to review their goals and objectives on a consistent basis.
  • Interface with all collateral contacts working with the persons served or recoverees coached. (I.e. Probation Officers, individual therapists, and self-help sponsors).
  • Develop and enhance peer driven educational services.
  • Provide ongoing assessment, problem solving, side-by-side services, skill training, supervision (e.g. prompts, assignments, monitoring, encouragement), and environmental adaptations to assist persons served with activities of daily living (i.e. identifying and attending self-help meetings, support with sponsorship). Provide recovery coaching when recoverees have indicated that preference and responded well to that approach.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a field other than behavioral sciences or have a high school degree or GED and have work experience with adults diagnosed with substance use and or dependency.
  • Knowledge of the process of recovery
  • Principles and techniques of recovery coaching
  • This individual should have experience and knowledge regarding the addiction treatment service system, recovery coaching and other related human services.
Schedule TBD
Hours 40
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